Sunday, April 7

A Different Kind of Race

This time last year Mark and Anna were trained for and ran the Kentucky Derby mini-Marathon together. A year later they are in a different kind of race, fighting an aggressive brain tumor.  Mark (age 33) was diagnosed days following Christmas 2012. Mark is a St. X and U of L graduate and Anna is a Texas Tech graduate who moved to Louisville to graduate with a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (and to meet Mark).  They have been married 4 years and are wonderful parents to a beautiful, energetic 3 year old daughter, a precious 1 year old foster son they are in process of adopting, and a newborn son, who came into the world on February 15th, 2013 -- not long after Mark’s diagnosis. Mark’s medical team in Louisville does not have the tools necessary remove the tumor so he is going to the University of California San Francisco for surgery in mid-April to remove the tumor.
Susan Ward (Mark's cousin) is dedicating her Derby Festival mini-Marathon race to Mark to help raise funds to offset the burden of his medical expenses. Below are two ways so you can help, too. Support Susan's run by making a donation. Every little bit raised will help--- 
  • Online: There is a Donation option on the right side of this website. Click the button and make a donation to  At the bottom of the Paypal screen select both: personal and gift options so NO fees will be incurred!  100% of the donation will go to Mark’s medical expenses.  
  • Checks: Make it out to the Mark Gronotte Donation Fund and mail it to c/o Susan Ward, 10610 Taylor Farm Court, Prospect, KY 40059.  
In addition to the race, you are invited to attend a Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on Friday, April 26, from 6-10pm at Susan and David Ward’s Home (see above address).  There is no charge for dinner. Give what you can.  Feel free to bring friends and children!  All money donated will be given to the Gronotte Fund! RSVP to Susan Ward :: :: 502-802-0667 or Rebecca Gronotte :: :: at 502-802-8112.

***I have been asked about the difference between donating here and donating on Caring Bridge's site.  Caring Bridge offers a great service, allowing friends and family to keep up on medical updates online. All donations given to Caring Bridge's Website are used for their operational expenses.  His People Pray blog is run by Anna's sister who is blogger and able to service this website at NO cost.  ALL donations given through this site are used solely to offset the medical expenses incurred by Mark Gronotte!

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