Thursday, March 28


Greetings Everyone, 
It's been a long time with no update from us, but we will try to catch everyone up on the latest for our family. It's been a busy season; not always easy, but it has been full of much joy.
First of all, we are really thankful for the support and love we have been receiving. Your gifts, prayers, words, and actions have been powerful to give us real grace in the last 3 months. Family, friends, church body, and some strangers even have been great in both donations and prayers. We are blessed in this and please keep up the prayer to the great God. He is a holy God who is three in one (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). He is able and loves to answer prayer, for His name's sake! 

Secondly, our baby Oakley David Gronotte (see picture above!) was born February 15th at 4:05am! He was 8 lbs and 5 oz and 21" in long! Every prayer we prayed surrounding his birth were answered by our faithful God! Such an encouragement from the Lord all around! All praise to Him for this new little life. He is a gift, and we pray this baby boy would be an 'oak of righteousness' for God's glory.

Thirdly, we have big plans as we head into April. The Norton team has been a great hospital here in Louisville, but they do not have the tools we need in order to get this cancer out of my brain through surgery. It is a serious tumor that needs to be removed from my brain, if God permits.  A California hospital in San Francisco called UCSF has the technology and doctor skills to get in there and remove the cells that are cancerous.  

We love you all so much and we thank the Lord for your kind graces and prayers. Please keep us in prayer for the Lord to receive all the glory and in if He wills, to bring healing and great comfort to our family as we wait upon our good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to lead us as His sheep.  All for God’s glory we pray! 

Peace to you all,
Mark & Anna

P.S. This is a good word that the Lord has helped us with to understand His kindness and power through this suffering.
PSALM 100:3 "Know that the Lord, he is God!
It is he who made us, and we are his:
we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture."

Wednesday, March 27

God's Faithful Provision

I get lots of emails, texts, and phone calls asking how Anna and Mark are doing!  They are so loved and without a shadow of doubt, they know that your prayers and love is totally God's grace!  Their hope is that God would be glorified in their suffering!  This chapter of life isn't easy, but their hope is in the Lord and 'Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.' Lam. 3:23
Mark and Anna's babies are doing great!  Three kids under three is busy, but they're totally enjoying each moment!  Baby O is putting on the pounds really well!  Little J has a smile that can brighten a room!  (Continue praying for the courts to finish the paperwork soon so Little J can officially be their forever son!  There will be celebrations worldwide when the adoption is finalized!)  Big Sister M is doing great, too!  She loves having her Daddy home lots and is a sweet little mommy to her babies, just like Mommy!  
Anna recently put together a 'Thankful Bulletin' to continue directing her and Mark's heart towards all that God is providing for them each and every day!  When my sisters and I unpacked their house a couple months ago, we were amazed at the mass number of verses jotted down on scratch paper, note cards, and post it notes...verses were tucked in every drawer, book, and crevice in their home!  Such a testimony of the love we should all have for the Word of God!

Through Mark's sweet sister, some new medical options have surfaced...keep praying that our Faithful God would give Anna and Mark great wisdom and peace!

Tuesday, March 26

Garage Sale Results

The Garage Sale was bigger than we ever could have imagined!
We had some serious early birds and from 7am until 4pm this was the street--

It was SUPER COLD, but thankfully not a drop of rain!
There was far too much to display on the tables so shoppers made themselves at home on the ground and did some serious digging for treasures!
We were blessed with lots of sweet, sweet friends that helped run the garage sale. 
Ali and a friend spent at least an hour pricing the items before they realized that even if they spent an entire week pricing there would still be tons left to do.  We opted to go the route of telling shoppers the price when they asked.  Never could we have made it without so many awesome helpers.
With exception to a few breaks to show off the 'worm' dance move and play a little playmobile, the kids were all about helping with the garage sale and bake sale!
And at the end of the day when we counted the money brought in from garage sale proceeds and donations of sweet sweet friends...we were totally amazed that God raised $4500 for Anna and Mark!  Doesn't that totally rock!
 Matthew 6:26 -- God is watching over Anna & Mark with such lovingkindness!
A HUGE thanks to all who helped this garage sale become a huge success.  It wouldn't have been possible without the awesome donations for the garage sale, the generous monetary donations, and the unbelievable gift of time to all who labored long and hard throughout the huge sale!

Monday, March 25

Garage Sale Countdown

Sometimes God tells you to do something and it's a little messy, but in the end He gets a whole lot of glory! Like this garage sale that my sister offered to host as a fundraiser for Mark's medical expenses. Throughout the process, her home totally looked like the home of a hoarder (such a servant, right).
For two weeks she collected donations around the clock from over forty super generous families.
And then the day before the BIG DAY arrived....the day to get all that stuff on the curb ready to make some big money!
Mark and Anna's nieces and nephews in Texas were a huge help!
Friends and neighbors helped a ton, too!
Each of us must have carried at least one hundred arm loads out of Ali's house...amazing how generous our friends were!
 That little table found a good home (I bought it and love it).
Even the youngest little guys carried loads!
And smiled the entire time because they were happy to play a small part in getting their super fun (silly) and strong (black belt) Uncle Mark healthy again!!!
Garage sale pictures and more updates coming soon...