Monday, March 25

Garage Sale Countdown

Sometimes God tells you to do something and it's a little messy, but in the end He gets a whole lot of glory! Like this garage sale that my sister offered to host as a fundraiser for Mark's medical expenses. Throughout the process, her home totally looked like the home of a hoarder (such a servant, right).
For two weeks she collected donations around the clock from over forty super generous families.
And then the day before the BIG DAY arrived....the day to get all that stuff on the curb ready to make some big money!
Mark and Anna's nieces and nephews in Texas were a huge help!
Friends and neighbors helped a ton, too!
Each of us must have carried at least one hundred arm loads out of Ali's house...amazing how generous our friends were!
 That little table found a good home (I bought it and love it).
Even the youngest little guys carried loads!
And smiled the entire time because they were happy to play a small part in getting their super fun (silly) and strong (black belt) Uncle Mark healthy again!!!
Garage sale pictures and more updates coming soon...


  1. Warms my heart to see everyone coming together. Been thinking about praying for your family. All the best to you and your family.

  2. It was suppose to say thinking about "and" praying for your family....not that I was just thinking about doing it. typo;)