Wednesday, March 27

God's Faithful Provision

I get lots of emails, texts, and phone calls asking how Anna and Mark are doing!  They are so loved and without a shadow of doubt, they know that your prayers and love is totally God's grace!  Their hope is that God would be glorified in their suffering!  This chapter of life isn't easy, but their hope is in the Lord and 'Great is His faithfulness; His mercies begin afresh each morning.' Lam. 3:23
Mark and Anna's babies are doing great!  Three kids under three is busy, but they're totally enjoying each moment!  Baby O is putting on the pounds really well!  Little J has a smile that can brighten a room!  (Continue praying for the courts to finish the paperwork soon so Little J can officially be their forever son!  There will be celebrations worldwide when the adoption is finalized!)  Big Sister M is doing great, too!  She loves having her Daddy home lots and is a sweet little mommy to her babies, just like Mommy!  
Anna recently put together a 'Thankful Bulletin' to continue directing her and Mark's heart towards all that God is providing for them each and every day!  When my sisters and I unpacked their house a couple months ago, we were amazed at the mass number of verses jotted down on scratch paper, note cards, and post it notes...verses were tucked in every drawer, book, and crevice in their home!  Such a testimony of the love we should all have for the Word of God!

Through Mark's sweet sister, some new medical options have surfaced...keep praying that our Faithful God would give Anna and Mark great wisdom and peace!

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