Tuesday, March 26

Garage Sale Results

The Garage Sale was bigger than we ever could have imagined!
We had some serious early birds and from 7am until 4pm this was the street--

It was SUPER COLD, but thankfully not a drop of rain!
There was far too much to display on the tables so shoppers made themselves at home on the ground and did some serious digging for treasures!
We were blessed with lots of sweet, sweet friends that helped run the garage sale. 
Ali and a friend spent at least an hour pricing the items before they realized that even if they spent an entire week pricing there would still be tons left to do.  We opted to go the route of telling shoppers the price when they asked.  Never could we have made it without so many awesome helpers.
With exception to a few breaks to show off the 'worm' dance move and play a little playmobile, the kids were all about helping with the garage sale and bake sale!
And at the end of the day when we counted the money brought in from garage sale proceeds and donations of sweet sweet friends...we were totally amazed that God raised $4500 for Anna and Mark!  Doesn't that totally rock!
 Matthew 6:26 -- God is watching over Anna & Mark with such lovingkindness!
A HUGE thanks to all who helped this garage sale become a huge success.  It wouldn't have been possible without the awesome donations for the garage sale, the generous monetary donations, and the unbelievable gift of time to all who labored long and hard throughout the huge sale!

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