Tuesday, December 4

Closing On Their First Home

God did the impossible today!  He sold Anna and Mark's first home.  Just after getting married they bought an inner city home so that they could minister to the lost and hurting in their city.  They loved on all of their neighbors, hosted baby showers for neighbors, prayed for their neighbors, studied God's word with neighbors, and brought their neighbors to church with them. 

Around Thanksgiving they placed their home on the market.  As gorgeous as their home was...both sets of families doubted it would sell because of the location.  God had a plan and they were listening with faith.  On December 4th, they closed on their first home and spent the next two weeks as nomads bouncing from friends house to friends house...craving the day they would close on their new home.  

Before closing, they had already arranged to host two families in December.

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