Wednesday, December 26

Cousin Time

Mark and Anna headed home a day earlier than planned so they could stay a night in Memphis and break up the trip a little bit.  Mark wasn’t feeling very well.  As worn as they were they made time to eat dinner with the family at Fuddruckers in Grapevine.  It was a wild and crazy time.  We were oblivious to everyone in the restaurant we were just so thrilled to be together.   

The little boy cousins had an awesome time entertaining sweet J (11 month son/foster child) and he flashed so many smiles at them it was precious.  Bennett fed J a bite of green beans.  Each of the boys took turns holding J for a brief moment and they’ll never forget it.  Magical.  M (2 year old little girl) took just a few minutes to warm up and as soon as her eyes caught sight of the cookies she was totally comfortable.  The girl cousins played with three little stuffed animal puppies.  M’s favorite was Biscuit.   Belle told M that she was very pretty and that she loved her hair.  M repeated back, ‘Yes, M is very pretty!’  We have been giggling over that sweet exchange for days now.  We partied for two hours and then hugged and said our good byes. 

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