Monday, February 4

Character Revealing

I was talking with a girlfriend (an oncology nurse) today and of course my baby sister and her family came up in our discussion.  She said, 'some refer to these type of situations as character building, but my mom likes to refer to them as character revealing.'  Isn't that so true!  When we're stretched...what is within comes out!

My mom and Anna had an awesome conversation this weekend --- here's a little recap!  1. A complete answer to prayer, Mark's eye sight has returned.  For the first time in a long time he's able to read again --- for curious peeps like myself, he spent a lot of time reading through John 1:1-18.  2.  Anna had another OB check up and Baby O is doing great (almost 38 weeks now).  3.  It snowed at their house this weekend and Anna, Mark, and M and J had a blast playing together in the snow! 

Anna said, we don't know what tomorrow holds so we're trying to focus on today and enjoy the time we have together! 
Isn't this how we're all suppose to live!?!?  Church isn't just something Mark and Anna attend on Sunday.  They have a deep, abiding love for Jesus.  Mark hasn't been able to work for quite some time and medical bills are obviously crazy high, but Jesus has given them both the promise of eternal life and that is the gift they cling to!  He has perfectly provided for them for the last 30+ years they have no doubt that He won't lovingly provide for tomorrow!  He's giving them moment by moment peace and the prayers of family, friends, and friends of friends is a huge praise and blessing that they don't take for granted!


  1. Such wisdom. Love it.

  2. Anonymous2/05/2013

    Mark and Anna and the whole family continue to be in my prayers each day. Jane B

  3. Sending prayers your way, as a mom of 2 with my second 2 having alot of medical issues, I know that prayers work. When we were going though this very rough time, I had been away from the lord for some time. I was saved when i was a kid, but due to alot of family problems, I lost my way. When we were in the hospital with chris, all I felt I could due was to leave it up to God. I put it in his hands, and he has carried me all the way. And im not that

    Blessings for your family and yourselfs and your little ones.

    Sending you what I can afford right now, but if it's ok will put a link on my blog and Etsy store to hopefully help you out more. I will of course wait for you ok on this.