Friday, February 1

Sister Chat

Anna and I had a fun conversation.  I thought my call would encourage her, but she ended up being a huge source of encouragement to me!  Here are some of the personal ways that God is caring for their sweet family.
  • Anna has made it to week 37 of pregnancy.
  • Baby O checked out great at his appointment this week.
  • Anna said her friends are bringing her such awesome meals and treats that the OB could tell she had been eating well.  (I'll never forget my end of pregnancy weigh ins).
  • Anna really wanted a wooden cradle in her room and a sweet friend has one that they'd love for the them to borrow.
  • Another friend has a real fun truck-themed crib bedding set that they're thrilled to loan Anna and Mark.
  • Mark still has his sense of humor!  Friends keep telling them how encouraging they are.  Mark's response to Anna, "Who would have thought that I could be more useful to people while sick than I ever was when I was well?!?"
  •  Mark has been blessed with an abundance of energy lately.  He's been up early folding laundry, cleaning floors...such a huge blessing to Anna at this point in her pregnancy.
  • Both sets of parents have affirmed them over and over that they will walk through this with them every step of the way.
  • They are extremely aware that they have a supernatural strength carrying them through this season and feel overwhelmingly blessed by the prayers, gifts, and words of encouragement from family, friends, and friends of friends!

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  1. Thank you for the updates.
    Still praying for them!