Thursday, January 3

Successful Biopsy

Mark came home from the hospital on Friday after a successful biopsy and overnight stay.  Mark's doctor said the biopsy was performed text book style -- boring and successful.  On January 14 the doctor will gather a team of doctors together to review options for Mark, based on biopsy results, and determine a plan for next steps.  Anna and Mark feel like they are really in good hands -- an answer to prayer -- with this doctor, who specializes on this kind of brain tumor. 
Please pray for this coming week as Mark rests and recoups from his recent procedure and together Mark and Anna make adjustments as they continue to place their trust in their living Lord, and are served by their church and family.  Pray also for Molly & Baby J. as they sense things are not quite the same, desiring love and comfort, which both Mark and Anna have abundance of for them -- drawing from the everlasting spring!  We all sense that our Lord will receive the praise throughout this entire experience, as the practical hands and feet of our Lord's body meets needs and provides care!

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